Service call / diagnosis fee

Service call / diagnosis fee is $150. This is where we respond and inspect an issue with your septic system. While we are there we will inform you of any additional problems we find as well as give solutions to correct the issue.

Pumping uncovered tank / tank with a riser

This is for pumping out a septic tank that has already been dug up or has a riser that makes the septic tank accessible above ground. Some risers can be plastic or concrete. This service is normally $300.

Pumping septic tank that requires digging

This is for digging out and pumping septic tanks that are 2.5ft deep or less. This service is normally $350.

Pumping septic tank that requires mini excavator

This is for any tank that is deeper than 2.5ft. This service is an additional $150.

Septic inspections

This service starts at $600 depending on location and that includes pumping as well. We send reports the same day and offer pay online or at closing. NCOWCICB Inspector # 5780I

Electronically locating residential septic tanks

This service starts at $175. This is where if all else fails and your tank cannot be located, a transmitter can be flushed and tracked with our sonar equipment. Electronic location gives us the ability to determine the exact location of your septic tank without digging your yard up!
Veteran discounts are 10% off of pumping and inspections