Septic System Homeowner Self Inspection

I have seen many videos about home inspections, but this one is by far the finest. Just in case you’re one of those who wants to enjoy the satisfaction of working on septic systems. I ask that you view this video if you have 25 minutes. You will at least be able to see what we are looking at when examining your system if you choose not to participate in your self inspection.

For individuals who want explanations at practically every step, this is now being filmed. But this also includes sand filters, sand mounds, pressure distribution, and gravity. Aerobic systems and proprietary septic equipment are not featured in this video.

One item to keep in mind is that it did not perform a crucial and required test, known as a “Draw Down” test of all pump chambers. This reveals two things: first, how well the pump is working, and second, how the next part is taking in the effluent.

Slow drawdowns are undesirable. It could indicate that the pump is not operating quickly enough to clear the pipes and scour the lines, or that the next component may be clogged and require cleaning.

There is a tonne of useful information here.

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