Real Estate Point Of Sale Inspections

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  • Electronic Location

  • 50+ Item Checklist

  • Pumped at Inspection

  • Quick Turnaround Time

  • Simple Fixed Pricing

  • Rush Service Available

  • State Certified Inspection

  • Effluent Filter Cleaned

  • Pay Online or at Closing

  • System History Report

  • No Hidden Fees

  • NCOWCICB Inspector # 5780I


System Repairs

Homeowners sometimes find that their old-style Septic System is no longer operating as it once did, and it may be backing up or overflowing. Or, possibly, an inspection (for a real estate transaction) will show that an older septic system is in total failure. In either case, replacement of the existing Septic System may be necessary


New Septic Installs

We work with engineers and builders around Stokes, Surry and Forsyth Counties on new septic system installations to help you select and design the proper septic system for your home or business. We work with state and municipal governments to pull all of the proper permits and licenses for each job. The process usually involves plan development, plan approval, a permit, and a pre-cover inspection.


We like using Infiltrator components

Benefits of an Infiltrator System

  • Faster, easier and more efficient.

  • Installed quickly and safely without the need for additional machinery.

  • Drain fields installed without the need for gravel. Less mess, faster installation.

  • 5 Year Manufacturers warranty on tanks.

  • Guaranteed to be watertight.



Septic Tank Locating

Electronically Locating Residential Septic Tanks

Can’t find your home septic tank buried under all that dirt? We can take the guesswork out of finding your septic tank! SEPTIC 911 can help with electronically locating residential septic tanks. Electronic location gives us the ability to determine the exact location of your septic tank without digging up your yard! Our experts have a variety of methods in order to locate your buried septic tank lids.

Flushable Transmitter


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